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Balochistan, Pakistan

Tourism in Baluchistan is an emerging industry. Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan. Comprising 44% of the country's land Area. Quetta is the capital city of Baluchistan and an important cultural center in the region with its diverse milestones. The port of city of Gwadar is a quickly developing town that aims to serve as a key hub of future industrial and shipping activity.

The climate of the upper highlands is categorized by very cold winters and warm summers. Winters of the lower highlands vary from extremely cold in the northern districts to mild conditions closer to the Makran coast. Summers are hot and dry.

The main area of visit and the Places of interest are Astola Island, Bolan Pass, Makran Coastal Highway, Gwadar, Hanna Lake, Hingol National Park, Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park, Jiwani Coastal Wetland, Juniperus macropoda, Khuzdar, Kund Malir,Quetta, Mehrgarh, Moola Chotok, Urak Valley, Ziarat, Ziarat Juniper Forest & Hinglaj Mata Temples which are attracting tourists here.

The main resources of Baluchistan are its minerals and land which are full of natural resources. The Gwadar is the place where economies of world have eye to generate new hub of Business and Trade Activities. China and Russia are the main stake holder together with Pakistan in the business and development activities of Gwadar Port.

We welcome you all to visit Baluchistan Pakistan like you home we will provide you all the necessary facilities related to you accommodation transportation and food and guide you about all desired and unique location of  visit to make your journey memorable. The best of Pakistan is the source for you to provided cheapest and healthiest way to traveling in Pakistan especially Baluchistan.

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