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Meatzilla’s Pizza Bun Hamburgers Mean You Never Have To Choose Between Pizza And Burgers Again

Take a minute to imagine an unlikely food combination comprised of two fo your favorite things. Whether it’s two things that don’t seem to go together at all, or two items that seem like they were made for each other, that combination probably exists somewhere out there. We’re living in the age of elaborate food combos, the weirder, the better – and honestly, it’s pretty great. One food combination that deserves all of your attention, however? Pizza and hamburgers — as in, a hamburger, topped with a literal pizza. Yes, seriously. A restaurant in Los Angeles called Meatzilla! serves pizza bun hamburgers — it’s called a Meatzza on their menu, for the record — and they are proof that you never have to choose between the two ever again.

If you’re not in LA, Meatzilla! is a burger spot in the city dedicated to upping the game when it comes to burgers — and with this pizza bun burger, they have definitely done just that. Their menu includes a wide variety of burgers, from options that are topped with kimchi and seaweed to your more classic cheeseburger. Everything looks interesting and delicious, but the best thing on the menu has to be the pizza buns. I mean… just look at it.


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